Guess Who Got Her First Tattoo?

Updated Version! Jan 22,19

Before I go on about my tattoo, I want to thank Andres, my artist, for doing an amazing job. Please, please take a look at his beautiful work. I made it nice and easy for you! Just click either of the links below. He and his crew at Fleur Noire were so amazing, I highly recommend!

Who did my Tat?  Follow and book  @abctattoo / @Sticksanddots

Where did I get it? @Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour

Before The Tat

I’m so excited because this weekend I am getting my first tattoo! I have been waiting so long because one, tattoos are so expensive and alsooo… trying to find a good place that is reliable and does the style you prefer can be very hard. But I did find a place. Yay! They are known for doing great work and I am so excited for them to do a rendition of this drawing I made on my side. 

Another reason why I waited to do this is because I wasn’t sure what I wanted exactly. I knew that the quote was going to be Buddhist. (which is a whole other story… because yes, I am still Buddhist and I love every little thing about it still.) I went a whole year trying to live by the rules of a Buddhist and I am so thankful I went down this road because it really has been helping me to become an even greater human being on this Earth. I highly recommend anyone who is interested to give it a try. The improvements are amazing. 

The Meaning

I picked this quote ” The mind is everything, what you think you become” because this has such a massive meaning to my beliefs of this life I live. Everything I’ve done in this lifetime and previous lifetimes have a greater effect on the now.  I have come to realize that the positive vibes that  send out to the world come back to complement me,ultimately. It’s a trade off if you think about it. So, that is my goal. I’m not saying my life is perfect right now, I’m not saying that nothing bad comes my way either. I do have bad days and i have great days… and some days are just mediocre. But, those bad days are only tests in my mind. They are only bad energies trying to trip me up from the road that I want and need to be focused on. This tattoo is not a reminder for me to be positive, but a stamp. A personalized stamp that I have created to symbolize something that I believe in. A stamp that marks who I am and what I stand for. Obviously it’s not something that everyone will automatically know when they see it, but it is not meant for anyone but myself. The abstraction of it all makes it all more unique. 

Those who are already on the road to Nirvana will recognize the symbol above the eyes. The Lotus flower is a symbol that most Buddhists will recognize. There are many different colors of a Lotus. Although, I chose to get a black and white tattoo, I still refer to the meaning of the pink lotus. when I think of the lotus I really think of the traditional pink or white flower.

” The pink lotus flower represents the history of Buddha and the historical legends of the Buddha.”

“A white lotus flower refers to purity of the mind and the spirit.”

But the other colors of the flowers and their meanings as well as other symbols of Buddhism can be found here!

All the meanings of these different colored lotus flowers are beautiful and I believe they all are a part of me. This uncolored tattoo makes room for the imagination that can be placed on what this symbol can be rather than constricting the possibilities with a specific color. Seems kind of contradicting considering many believe color gives life.

Can’t forget about the lashes! This resembles femininity and beauty. If you know me I LOVE my lashes. I chose for the eyes to be closed for a simplistic yet delicate look. I wanted to make the image look peaceful, which is the absolute motive of every Buddhist.

The Original
(a.k.a my design)

After: Tatted

It’s been about 4 weeks since I got my tattoo. Everything is great, looks just how I wanted it. Being that this was my first tattoo I did have a couple scares.

The tape:

when the tattoo was completed the artist sanitized the area well. He sprayed some kind of solution onto the area. Surprisingly it didn’t sting. once he cleaned it. He then put on this sticky tape, like, wrap. It was just like saranwrap except it had a sticky adhesive on one side to keep it in place for a long time. Specifically, 3 days. I never heard that it took this long, but that was his instructions so I followed through with it.

But, here was the problem. The next day after walking around New York, shopping, taking cute pics. I realized that by the time we got back to CT the words were blurred. I started to panic. I thought the ink had started to bleed, and the wrap smeared it around due to all the movement of the day. I called the shop, but they were closed. So I took off a bit of the wrap where the word was smeared the most.From there, I just replaced the wrap back where it was, loosely, so that my tattoo could breathe.

The next morning, The ink was gone. Where it went? I don’t know. I believe that it stuck to the wrap because once I took the full thing off. all the ink that bled out outlined the picture and the words onto the sticky wrap making it look like a stencil. It is kind of cool and I believe it is a new technique used. When I spoke with one of my friends who has many experiences with tattoos. She explained that this could be the new way that they are dealing with the healing process now. O

Tatt with wrap
Wrap free!


I am so particular about tattoos on my body. When I fist met my artists and he showed me his version of my design, I knew he was going to do an amazing job!

Kinda neat how it all works though, and it was an amazing experience. Definitely worth every penny I spent. The shop, located right in Brooklyn, was beautiful, unique, and had a modern grunge vibe. There were sketches and art work hung all over the wall in cute frames displaying each and every one of the artists in the Tattoo Parlor. Everyone there knew what they were doing, the rooms upstairs and downstairs seemed ckean. I watched the other artists steralizing their stations after completion, while I was laying on my side. Before the needle even hit me I automatically had this rush of nausia. I felt so scared. Everybody’s previous comments on my desision of location came to my mind. How “that is one of the most sensative spots because it’s so close to the bone.” While I could feel the needle at some points there were times I could hardly feel it all. Definitely not as bad as what some warned it would be. But, then again I’m not terribley afraid of needles and have a high pain tollerance, so, that could also be the reason why I took it all so well! Overall, it was an experience I will never forget. Maybe I’ll get another one someday… I have to figure out what it will be.

A lil glimpse of the Parlor

Thanks for reading!!


Heath 💜